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Monday, May 11, 2009

Cinnamon Walk

I was taking a walk with my son last weekend.
Thought of taking some nice pictures around my housing area.
These are a stretch of cinnamon trees planted by the road side.

(planned to walk up all the way there and find out whats happening at the landslide area)

Just want to get a closer shot of a cinnamon branch.
My son spotted a clutter of these friuts..

Notice the dried leaves on the ground.
If you crush those dried leaves and smell them in you hands,
you will smell a nice rich cinnamon fragrance.

Hugging a tree certainly brings a spirit of innocence to me.
The joy & love of saving on tree is very much considered a great interest
especially during these times of deforestation and global warming.
I found this ferns, locally known as resam (dicranopteris linearis)
Took me some time to google it to find out its name.
Other common names are Old world forked fern, false staghorn.
And known in Hawaii as Uluhe fern
and those curly young leaf shoots.. known as fiddlehead ferns
- used very much for wedding bouquet decorations
(I never seen one here - guess it will funny as it so common and grown wildly here)

I had used this ferns for my christmas decoration.
The leaves do not wither specially the matured ones.
And retained the green colour for few weeks..
(well I do not get holly or mistletoe - so I guess this is my alternative for a tropical christmas decoration foliage)

Ahh.. club moss. (Lycopodiella cemua)
Bring another set of memories to me when I had a crosage made from a single purple spider orchid and a few club moss.
Found this pea growing in these midst of ferns.
Such an elegant bamboo plant in the midst of the jungle.

Now Im not sure whether its a bamboo
as its have a broomlike flower...

Eventually I came up to a clearing where this flower was growing.
It must be a wild cosmos or daisy..

This lanscape look very sad..
The whole place is cleared for development.
Im not sure whether anyone is going to build here as the ground look very unstable.
But sure there is a lot heavy transport moving here.

My son was more interested in building his sand castle here
while I was taking the cosmos picture beside him..

With all the sand playing..
Now there is this cool grass to carress and clear the sand away...

Its time to go home and the sun is slowly setting..
My house is somewhere below the horizon, didn't care so much to identify it as the view was quite breath taking..
especially when the sun is setting slowly..
it was about 7pm.

Ok.. my son had started giving me an alarm that its time to go home.
Both father and son had to dash quickly as the mosquito had started harassing us
and we scratching all over back home..

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