Welcome to My Little Garden

Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My little Garden

I had bought this varigated ivy a month ago. Look so lushful here, compared to the first time when I got it (the plant was around the pot perimeter)
Now, its all grown all over.

My temporary side garden
(I had removed all my coleus, they didn't survive this season)
I had given to my friends after all them had matured.
Notice my flame violet - falling all over the hanging pot - it still my best plant now.

This is a picture after few months April 2009 (notice the dumbcane had grown)
you can compare it from the picture (last at the below - taken on Dec 2008
Due to rain and humidity, the pebbles had collected moss.
something which I considered rare...
(rolling stones collects no moss...what a proverb)

These are 2 pots of cycas which I bought from a supermarket.
I thought their names where "lady palm tree" but found out that these are not palm.
I checked in google (fern like palm) and found that these are known as cycas.

Some "mother in law tongue" varigated species. I have two species here - one have a yellow centre and the other a green centre - colours of the leaf.
I had passed this species to a friend and she had planted it indoors - found out that the whole plant turned green. I guess the yellow pigment has a lot to do with sunshine.

These are temporary potted plants. The coleus doesn't last more than few months. And so, I have to constantly change the landscaping in this area.

So clean & clear - right now, it doesn't look as I first started it.

Same here.

The "old man's beard" and "Fluffy ruffle fern" gives the flowing look. Very nice when seen from the angle - Entrance glass door from my house.

This is the evening look, if you notice - the sun is slowly setting from above "bird nest fern"

Im amazed how much a little garden can make a great impact to me.
One of the wonderful "small things" in life that makes life worthwhile...
These are the some of the pictures of my garden
All arranged and groomed.
Hope it stays that way for a long time.

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