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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maiden Hair Fern - Adiantum Capillis Veneris

One of my most challenging ferns which I come across.
They are so sensitive & difficult to take care.
They do not tolerate too much sun nor lack of water.
Even change of area can cause this plant to dry up & wither.
However, the reward is this shimmering layers of tiny drops..
Like a maiden hair..
truly deserves the name.

Care for this plant:

1) Not to move this plant, moving this plant may cause the leaves to dry up but eventually new shoots may appear.

2) May use tea leaves as fertiliser, placing them at the side of the pot (weekly)
Rice water (water used for washing rice) is also considered good as it helps the well being of this plant.

3) Not to use non-organic fertiliser as chances are the whole plant may show signs of burned leaves and may eventually die. The best is organic fertiliser for these type of ferns.

4) Not to place on direct sun, shady and partial sunlight is good.

5) Must have easy drainage soil, water logged soil (clay) may kill the plant.

This plant never grew beyond this stage.
It died when there was a hot dry spell for few days.

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