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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flame Violet - Episcia Cupreata

As far as I can remember, my grandmother had this plant when I was very young. She used to cultivate it in small pots and tend them. Those days there was only two types - green leafed & bronze leafed. Somehow the flowers remain as the same colour - red.

I had many attempts to get this plant growing, These are my experiences:

The grave enemy - never water too much.
(or else they will start to rot from the roots)
Cannot tolerate water on leaves,it will have burned marks on them.

Roots don't go deep into the soil - its best to have shallow & wide pots for these.

It has lots of runners - but need to be careful,
lack of water cause the runners to dry up in the middle
and makes the plant at the bottom to die fast.

These are my two types of flame violets

Manage to cultivate them at the bottom of the hanging pots.
(notice at the top part - its drying up !!)
This what happens when I didnt take care of it properly.
(These are the moments of my trial & error periods)

Finally my end product.. walla !!!
A good hanging bunch of violets.

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