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Friday, November 18, 2022

Cane Begonia "Looking Glass"


I must say that this particular one have a unique appearance with so many similarities with different breds put together. I was almost fooled to think that this particular one can't be a Cane Begonia "Looking Glass" as this appears to be very much more elongated and narrow - perhaps another hybrid?

Actually, the fact is this is indeed Cane Begonia "Looking Glass"
The problem is this is how it appears to be when it already acclimatized in the hot & humid of a tropical regions of South East Asia. One of the facts that you may have to take note of when something as like you look at Roses been cultivated in the Highlands and that of the same plant cultivated in the lowlands - you might see a huge vast difference in the conditions of the blooms. As such as these - the same conditions follow when a same plant show different characteristics in their growing conditions.

One thing for sure, Cane Begonia "Looking Glass" managed to weather the storm and able to grow fairly well in the lowland climate zone however I must say that it is not of a hardy Begonia which you can pass up easily as they can succumb to rot and wither away if the right conditions are not met.

When it comes to appearance you can easily note that few types are Cane Begonias appears to come together, if I may say - it has something of "Galaxy" mix with "Aya" and Maurice Amey. Sort of all the slight pink family put together and a little bit of "Frosty" and the back of flushed burgundy coloration that appears from a rex begonia hybrid. Also to note, "Sinbad" and "Pink Benigo" does also share very close approximation.

It does have a nice mix of combo from many various selection - the silvery, leathery pink notes and the corrugated indentation in between the leaf veins - too many details to put together that I must say, you just have to see and enjoy the plant and forgo the minute details.

However, I would prefer to grow 2 of these put together in a planter - Cane Begonia "Looking Glass"and Cane Begonia "Frosty" does indeed make a beautiful pair together. 

Unless a genius manages to cultivate another hybrid with similar characteristics to withstand the lowland weather, it still going to be stable plant yet - it still struggling to find it's place in a hot & humid / wet and dry climate zone - until then, it is still falls into a sensitive plant category. 

 Do click below for more information on Cane Begonias.

Cane Begonia Care & Cultivation information.

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