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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Plumeria rubra (Part 2)


Once Plumeria trees were shunned as the older generation have the idea that this is considered as a "graveyard tree" and often refrained from growing in personal, private gardens.

Now however, the belief and garden taste had changed and I had found that there is a huge liking with fragrant trees and particularly plumerias where people are slowly coming out of the taboo of not growing plumerias.

Even the older name "Frangipani" is no longer used rather often referred to the botanical name.
And so this is my experience and finding out their different types which are commonly available around my region.

I must emphasize that the stigma is now isolated very much on the identity where the flower is white with yellow center - this particular one had been singled out as the infamous 'graveyard flower'. The rest of the colored version have now been associated with the Bali Theme Tropical Garden factor - giving it a fresh new vibrant look and taste.

I for one now very much interested in the fragrance that it emits especially when this tree like shrub had grown into it's mature size - these tend to bloom constantly without much care. These blooms last only for a day however there are many clusters which blooms on daily basis.

Similar like most common fragrant flowering plants - these emit their fragrance during the evening to night time and slowly fade away by sunrise morning time.

There are indeed easily many different varieties of these floral colors however the base color tones varies from white, yellow, orange, pink, red, magenta and the mix-match colors in these tones.

One important factor to note is that all parts of the plant is toxic hence to take note not to place this plant near an edible plants and away from children and pets.

Check more information on the Basic Care & Maintenance of Plumeria Plant Care in my earlier post in the link below:

Do click on the link below for more information on Other Types of  Tropical Fragrant Flowers:


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