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My Vertical Garden Wall
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Monday, February 15, 2021

How to Care & Cultivate Anthurium Plants (video)

This is my basic Collection of my Anthurium Plants which I had collected over the years. Here I have the flowering variety and the foliage variety:

Flowering Variety:
1) Miniature Version
2) Large Version
3) Medium Version - Dark Foilage Type

Foliage Variety:
4) Anthurium Crystallium.
Here I talk about How I Care & Cultivate Them:
Basically they need bright shaded area with good humidity. 
They can be much easier plant to care for comparison to begonias and Jewel Alocasia.


Madison Wilson said...

How I wish I know also how to care & cultivate this type of plants. I really love plants.
I think I need to learn if some plants need bright shaded area and good humidity for them to maintain their beauty.Thank you for the idea.

James David said...

Hi Madison,
Actually Anthurium are quite an easy plant to care for. Do check out on in a local nursery which is not expensive and try that out. Once you had established its behavior and growth condition - you can get the challenging ones.
All the Best.

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