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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Different Types of Maculata Hybrids & Varieties (video)

This is my January 2021 Update on my Cane Begonia Collection.

What I’m showcasing here are the few types Hybrids & Varieties of Maculata Cane Begonias which I currently cultivating: 

1) Cane Begonia ‘Maculata wightii’ , 
2) Cane Begonia Maculata hybrid, 
3) Cane Begonia Hybrid ' Mrs Hashimoto X Maculata wightii, 
 4) Cane Begonia 'Albo-picta', 
5) Cane Begonia ‘Torch’, 
6) Cane Begonia 'Albo-picta - rosea', 
7) Cane Begonia Lucerna, 
8) Cane Begonia 'Coccinea', 
9) Cane Begonia 'Aya', 
10) Cane Begonia Sinbad

My focus here is to show their unique Polka Dot features on their Foliage Structure difference in comparison with each other. Also some tips on how I care for them which I explain in my video.
Tip 1: Always put a support - a stick or pole for the Cane Begonia support as it won't break under it's own weight.

Tip 2: Plant some thirsty plant together to regulate the over-watering problem as to deter root rot or over-feeding (fertilizer) problem.

Tip 3: Keep spare plants by taking cutting and propagating them in case the plant suddenly dies.

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