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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Tradescantia fluminensis "albovittata"

This particular type is known as Tradescantia fluminensis "albovittata" had recently made appearance here in the local plant market however they don't appear to be hardy compared the the sun loving type.

This one is native from Brazil to northern Argentina, coming from the cold temperate condition - it may require more cooler environment but may tolerate some tropical weather. However in long term I would say this can prove challenging and may not be hardy at all.

Often I find the root ball wither and rot away due to over-watering condition when too much rainwater fall on them. Other times, I find they are slow growing and rarely span out new growth and therefore I'm left with a singular one long piece of plant of which I have to regularly prune and propagate of which not all actually survive.

Eventually the plant disappeared from my garden collection. Recently I was surprised to find the plant had ditched off all the white coloration from the plant structure giving out all pale looking light green plant. Truly appearing not an albino or a green plant and can easily mistaken for a sick looking plant.

Some history concerning this plant:

Genus name honors John Tradescant (1570-1638) and his son John Tradescant (1608-1662), botanists and successive gardeners to Charles I of England.

Specific epithet comes from Latin flumen meaning river in probably reference to the January River in Brazil along which this species is native.

‘Albovittata’ features attractive green leaves striped with white above but toned purple beneath. This cultivar name comes from the Latin alba (white) and viattala (belt) in reference to the variegated leaves. Some experts consider 'Albovittata' to be a cultivar of Tradescantia albiflora and other experts consider it to be a hybrid between Tradescantia fluminensis and Tradescantia crassula.

There are indeed many different types and cultivars are slowly being introduced currently in the market and I also find that they seemed to withering away while sitting in most nurseries waiting for an unsuspecting novice gardener to get enticed and purchase them.

All is not lost, if the gardener knows how specifically to care and maintain this cold temperate conditioned plant. I however find it is too much hassle to introduce such sensitive plants in my garden, especially when it comes my garden conditions as such where when it rains - it pours for hours for days and when it is hot dry season - it is almost feels like in an oven. I rather focus plants that can handle that kind of stress in my garden considering I would rather prefer to keep my plants for years.

However, I just wanted to showcase what is available and their growth conditions in this hot tropical climate - I wouldn't recommend this one for sure unless you enjoy short term garden plants.

Please click on the Link below for the Main Page
For other basic information of plant Care and Different Types of Tradescantia Species:
Different Types of Tradescantia Species

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