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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Keeping your Mojo and the Blooms - Part 3

By the time of gaining half the battle
my flowers started blooming.
Sort of a therapy to have when seeing the flowers bloom.
Just like manure (something negative is food for the plants)
I believe the plants takes in the negative energy
that is pulsates from my being as food and cleanses me from all my inner darkness.

When I touch my plants..
The sound of running waters and chirping and whistle of the sunbirds
which faithfully makes its call before drinking the nectar from these flowers.
Yes, I feel touch to somehow be responsible to feed these joyful birds.

Coming back to my last post:
How I battle this:

1) Accusation - Words

Always understand...
That whenever you hear accusation against you
-the source comes from the Devil himself for
he is known as the accuser of the brethren,
So whoever it might be,
Cancel the accusation as the voice of Satan himself

(If you find the accusation carries weight as it is a fault that you must change
- then apologise and repent and change your ways from henceforth to be a better person)

But if you find that it is senseless argument
where you cannot make another to agree with you,
regardless how much you explain:

Accept the fact that it is from the Devil himself
and no point winning him over in an argument:

He can never be argued and win over in an argument
because he doesn't play fair and he fights to destroy your life.
So - there is no making sense over why is it like that..
All accusation comes from the Kingdom of Darkness.

And more than anything:
It comes from the whispers and voices outside of you
- whispering into your ears and heart.
Understand: That "fact" is not from you.
It's from an outsource that comes from the devil himself.

Relax, Breathe and Let Go:

"I now release all accusations...
Words, voices and all that been said against me...
As food for these plants - they become manure to them..
For it is not mine to keep.
These garbage is not to be kept in my heart..
Rather its food for these plants
and they in turn bear beautiful blooms."

2) Condemnation - Feeling of Unworthiness
Discouragements and Condemnation are the Arrows of the DEVIL
It is his Main Weapon
If you find anyone discourages you or condemn you all the time.
Remember that the devil is using the person as a tool to destroy you.

(if you are in a place where you need to correct yourself from a fault,
Do so,
but if you find the condemning feeling is so strong...
- understand the power that comes from it - is from hell itself)

Condemnation is a powerful thing.
It can only have power over you when you allow it into your heart.
It can first come in with words - accusing words that condemns you..
It first come in as small drops,
into a rain that becoming too heavy..
and then into a terrible storm
and finally a massive flood that overwhelms you.

By the time it hits you.. its too late..
So prune and cut and throw away the words before it becomes a thorn in your flesh.

3) Judgement - The Ultimum 

Understand and Accept:
Only God can Judge you - no one else.

Don't even judge yourself..
If you make a mistake:
Correct yourself and do your best.
There are times you will succeed and times you will feel that you failed more than you try...
It's Ok
You are a human (with weakness and setbacks)
If you are an angel - then you are created perfect
(of which you are not and you would not even read this post)

And because we are all human we all have weakness and setbacks.
We are not perfect..
And it's ok - to be human.
Accept yourself and take life one day at a time.

There are days that will be ok..
And there are days that will overwhelm you.


You are a child of God because God had created and formed you.
You belong to God.
And because you do - you have an enemy that seeks to destroy you.

If you belong to the Light.. then you belong to the God who is all Light.
And all that is of the Light is against the Darkness..
And that all that belongs to Darkness is the enemy of the Kingdom of Light.

I know now that the battle is far from over.
I also know that there will be days that I would feel worse than these.
A sense of giving up and hopelessness.
I know that my intellect and my emotions may not agree with each other.
And it's important to count on the people who will support me during these hard times.

I hope and pray that strength will be given to me on daily basis.
I hope and pray that no one goes through and suffer like what I faced.
I hope..
That no one gives up and end their lives because unable to cope with the endless pain.
I hope someone comes in that gap of time and share love and concern for you:
For all those who are hurting and in pain...

I know..
I felt the need just to hear someone just say:
"I love you and need you"
That's all I wanted to hear and feel appreciated, needed & wanted..

A feeling that I'm someone..
in the midst of doing everything and all things..
Losing the meaning and the purpose
and the pain becoming greater than the cause itself.

I realised that it's ok to feel blue once awhile.
It's ok to sulk and get upset..
To get angry or sad...
Life is not a Bed of Roses.

I may not have violets..
but enough blues flowers to brighten my day.

Happy Gardening folks!

1 comment:

Barbee' said...

Well, all of us would most certainly miss you! Hang in there. I love the flowers and interesting plants that you share with us, your readers. I appreciate what you do, but don't push yourself. Easy going is my way these days. Sorry I don't have any pretty plants to show.

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