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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Something about Roses & Awards

I would like to thank Pravesh, Noelle & Autumn Belle for passing this Award to me. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and the kindness in considering me in the list. Sorry for the delay in putting it here, I have been very busy and unable to blog these few days.
(do click on their names for their wonderful blogs)

Now what are the rules... Hmmm...
Ok, I guess this award is going to sit here for the moment.
Not that none of other blogs are not the best or my favourite, but I just felt that many who I want to pass this to had already receive it and those who haven't are either not interested or not comfortable with the idea of "awards"

I would say, all of the garden blogs are special on their own way, in the effort gardeners take the trouble to put it the information, pictures and time into it. I for one would consider time well spend in my garden than sitting surfing the blog, but I guess blogging & gardening go hand in hand.

These are what I consider what makes a nice blog a best blog - something which I feel in my own personal way & have no intention to hurt anyone.

It all depends what you sow...
Do you sow thorns & thistle?
Do you like weed growing in your garden?

So are words, I often refrain from those who are arrogant and prideful.
When I'm very sure (like 100% sure) about my facts - I often suggest it in way like using words like "I'm guessing" or "Maybe" in my comments. Some bloggers do not like when I mention that they may be mistaken and the whole thing becomes ugly.

When a gardener do accept and acknowledges that you're comment are true - you will feel that the flower that they have planted in their garden had bloom in your garden.
That what a comment does - connection.

But my point here is this, you will know what type of gardener the person is by the way the person speaks. It don't have to be all "rosy & dovely" - as long as its truth and not overly exaggerated undeserving compliment, its fine.
I'm sure you would feel its a bit too much when a praise is given more than its due. You will know that is actually a lie.


What do you do when you visit someone's private garden?
Its a condition where you are given a free right to see all that is shown, all that had been shared concerning the energy and effort put in the garden.
What is requested is to let the gardener just know - How you feel about his/her garden?
This you can see what a gardener/blogger mention when commenting in their comment box.

So, in return to the courtesy, one gardener would say,
"Hey, I got that plant,
I thought about this plant,
what do you when you got this plant,
nice plant or
my plant died becoz..."

Its also the same courtesy received and honoured by visiting the commentor's garden and say,
"Hey, you got a nice garden,
I know that plant,
ohh.. its snowing in your place already?"

Its nice to leave more than just one comment in the visitor's blog. I for one, try to relate as possible in the visitor's blog. Sometimes, the post are just too difficult to relate to, then just write what you can relate to the next older post.

I have seen some bloggers have about 30 - 50 comments and really wonder how they manage to read and visit each one of them. I guess there is a strategy involved when it comes to comments.
I for sure would consider a best policy to visit the commentor's blogs and thank them for visiting & commenting in my garden.
Then later, go back to the blog and see if the author had re-commented on your comment.
That would be nice, to hear the visitor acknowledge your visit and the cycle goes continues.

Again, this is an issue of availability of time spend in blogging. Sometimes you have the time, sometimes you just don't. You can and may able to handle 10 - 15 blogs, I myself still find it hard to manage my own blog, left alone keeping-up with other gardener's garden stories & commenting on it may be quite a challenge.

And again, with the availability of that time - you wonder whether do you want to spend it in blogging or water the garden?

At the end of the day, its the Garden that you tend that matters.
The result of that is what one post in the blog. It becomes a two way thing, creating a support factor, connecting to all other gardeners around the world.

Better to 10 best gardener friends who really support you than 100 strangers who have no clue about your garden and the personality behind it.

A simple thank you goes a very long way, actually for many seasons.
I would like to thank all my gardener friends who have continually had supported me in my garden works, encouraged me and often times gave good advices when comes to certain issue on garden.

Thank you for reading and helping me to improve & that I'm constantly learning new things about garden and all from all your blogs.

Please note that I will be on a long holiday by next week and may not able to comment much or visit your garden, please do excuse me for my absence.
Have a Wonderful Christmas & a Blessed New Year!
I know its a bit to early for that, but I'm guessing my time is so limited that I may not able to send that greeting by then and its all too late and all forgotten.


Noelle Johnson said...

Hello James,

Well written and stated. I agree wholeheartedly that it is better to have ten supportive gardener friends then 100 strangers who don't know you or your garden.

Merry Christmas!

Stephanie said...

Love your white rose! Currently the leaves on mine dropped due to the rain. I hope the current clear sky that I get here would bring back the leaves and roses off course :-D Thanks for your honest sharing, have a good holiday and blessed Christmas to you and your family!

James David said...

Thanks Noelle for the Award.

Stephanie - My rose leaves and flowers had also shed its petals & leaves, do keep them watered as new sprouts shoot out when its sunny again.
Merry Christmas to both of you.

Autumn Belle said...

Hi, James. You have quite a handful of awards which you truly deserve. I agree with much of what you said. Now it is time for your much deserved rest too. Do have a great and relaxing holiday and come back with lots of photos. Happy holidays!

Stephanie said...

You are right James! Today I saw some little new shoots growing from the stems as there were some sunlight this week :-D The other aspect is growing rose is not cheap. Has to keep feeding them!

Regarding Blotanical, the system is just way too slow for me. I could identify with you on the points you shared ;-)

James David said...

Belle - Its because good friends like you make all the gardening experiences so wonderful. Yes, sure - I will come with more pictures & thanks for the wishes & Merry Christmas!

Stephanie - some rose hybrid are so easy and requires less or no care at all. Do look out for these type if you are planning to get more roses in your garden.
Thanks for sharing & identifying about that concerning Blotanical.

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Hi James,

I couldn't agree more & the award is well-deserved.

When I am blogging, I am thinking about gardening.. When I am gardening, I am thinking about the stories to tell in my blog about the many little things I discover in the garden... You, however, naturally born to bring out the best of both worlds.. Put it this way, I am happy to even have 10% of your talent...hehe

Have to agree that the white rose is a complete enjoyment! I notice in my garden that pruning the branches to half the length helps with encouraging more blooms for this rose, like sometimes 8-10 blooms per cluster. Let me know your result if you were to ever experiment with it, I always wanna know this kind of things.. :)

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