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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Garden Landscaping - Succulents Set-Up

Succulent Set-Up Layout (Before)

Once the ball start rolling on the Bromeliad Set-Up

The move was easy as everything start to form and settle in it's right places.
Here again - the pictures are for comparison of the Before and After Effects.

The succulents were basically set in singular pots and it takes up valuable space as featured above.

Succulent Set-Up Layout (After)

Placing the succulents in collective setting
- grouping together in a set-up seemed be more ideal for this limited space.

The best part is that this will ensure a good drainage system
for the whole collection and none will rot or dehydrated
as there is a balance space for root growth and plant health.

This way
Instead of watering individual plants, here all that is needed to water at the side of the pot and the water is equally leveled around for the whole plant collection.

There were intial shock where few leaves started to wither but after awhile,
The plants bounds back and more sturdier and hardy as compared in their individual placement in singular pots.

I believe that these selection set-up is considered a stable and able to contain and endure for years to come.

The medium is basically leca balls, charcoal chips, perlite,
cocopeat (original medium from the succulent potting mix from nursery)
and osmocote (slow release fertiliser)

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