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Monday, June 4, 2018

Garden Landscaping - Caladium sp.

Compared to many types of plants,
I would consider this one as one of the most challenging plants to keep.
This is a tricky type as they do go dormant without a warning
and if one is not careful and considered this as an empty pot
and chances of getting rid of the dormant bulb is very high.

And for this factor,
I never really considered keeping them as a prime plant,
rather considering them as a secondary plant
where these are planted alongside with other perennials
in order not to have an empty barren pot in the midst of a fully lushful garden.

Here showcase the rich varieties of veins, colours, spots and strikes.
Indeed its in red and white shades prove an array and types
that one will feel motivated to collect all these varieties.

The reality check kicks in when they go dormant and never return
proves a fatal mistake as some types are indeed don't come back.

The ones that do come back
somehow had stability in the garden environment
and become a permanent residence - provided the bulbs don't rot in the pot.

if you love challenges and love to break the monotony of having a safe garden.
This is a raised level not for new beginners who are starting to venture into gardening.

You will know that many will ask you
to showcase your collection first to prove your point that you had succeeded
in keeping them alive and good at thriving them.

This would be a sign of accomplishment as to mention
- not just purchasing and replacing the lost ones, 
rather the ability to sustain and keeping the specific types of species 
in a long term basis.

That condition - I would consider calling it as keeping a conservatory
Indeed a great compliment compared to many gardeners who would had given up on such a task.

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