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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Garden Landscaping - Bromeliads Update

 It amazing to see the growth progress and the plants development here.
Its about a month now and this space looks amazingly colourful and vibrant.
The array of bromeliads are showcase here in side angle where the crown is more visible this give strong indication where you can visually enjoy each of them.

There is another risk here which needs to be guarded carefully that they don't overcrowd and overwhelm choking each other, but then I realised that bromeliads are slow growing plants and it may take months to a year to really see the major growth of the second and the third generation.

Even if they grow, it will be a cascading feature which is a sight to behold

Below is a selection of plants that give a feature.
This is a grandstand showcase of all the plants that shine in collective grouping.
Here the colour tones are slightly correspond to each other
where the green monotones are in variation and at the same time stand out in it's individuality.

The red and pink plays a strong underlining colour here to divide the borders giving each plant a story to tell. Here the Caladium and Bromeliads are considered rare and prized items are they mark the superiority within the monotone majority.

This exclusively marks another unseen theme where hidden visual theme is carefully embedded together with the succulent collection which is grouped together in combinations of Aloes, Echeverias and Haworthia sp.

One of the greatest challenge in keeping a Caladium is that they are temporary and may go dormant in few months time. And so, regular checking and feeding is prior importance as there are always a new leaf spike to replace the dried ones.

Here are the individual single collection of bromeliads for viewing pleasure.

I had found that a curve works better than a straight line.
The composition is more smooth and stronger and pleasing to the eyes.
The strength of colours are eased with volume of height and density of the clay jars and pots.
One doesn't overwhelm the other.
I really love the feature here - clean, strong & balanced.

Also in staggering levels
Succulent pots are layered as they do not overwhelm one another.

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