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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Garden Landscaping - Bromeliad Set-Up (After)

This appears to be simple and easy look where
the collection are basically Bromeliads, Earthstars, Caladiums, Calatheas and Sansevierias species.

I have managed to set the Sanserverias
into combo with few others to give a strong visual effects.
Whereas a single feature bromeliad exclusive for tall vases.
The work is still in progress but basically this is going to be the main set-up theme work.

The Rectangular pots are able to hold the many varieties of Bromeliads and Earthstars.
It does work out well - far more than I envisioned.

I really loved the contrast the red Earthstars striking above the background of deep undertones of base coloured bromeliads arranged in this collection.

The challenge was finding the complete collection
as most of them were misplaced and deeply stashed around the pond area.
Sadly - some had died out as it was hidden from plain sight.

Now that these are visible and in accessible
Focusing and attending to them are much easier compared to before.

As I mentioned
This is work still in progress.
A lot had been re-arranged and been improved making the collection more grand.

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