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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Garden Landscaping - Aquatic Feature

Garden Landscaping - Aquatic Feature (Before)

This is location where I had placed the aquatic feature set-up.
Placed here was a collection of various plants
without specific order on their group types.

I had already removed all the bromeliads and rearranged the sansevierias into a combo set-up.

Eventually, all the plants in this region were relocated according the grouping type.
The challenge was temporary displacement where it appeared to be more messy than organised.

The risk was there
- somehow I was able to arrange all of these plant in their designated spaces.
It was a quite challenging to focus as I was very much tempted to do everything, everywhere and this required a strong focus.

This is the rear-side of the aquatic set-up
where there is another entry walkway accessing from the side gate from the pond area.

The airplant collection were placed here initially but the weather is not been good
for them as most of them had endured burns on the tips of the leaves.

This is the extension of the plants that spans along the pond area.
The water feature of the pond is not visible as bigger pots were aligned against the perimeter and therefore block the visibility of the pond feature.

Re-arrangement is considered vital as finding space and placing them properly are utmost importance as these are fig plants which are considered highly valuable priced plants.

Garden Landscaping - Aquatic Feature (After)

After much re-arrangement, I was able place three aquatic feature in this mid-section.

The good thing about this that it will increase humidity for whole garden
and able to regulate the hot temperature which is suitable for many sensitive plants
which I'm planing to introduce in this garden selection.

Also, I have arranged the stone grinder here as visual feature.
This will give a classic motive in the garden concept as background ornament features.

This is just the initial set-up as I planned to add more plants and set-up to add more colours and volume to give the rich tapestry of foliage folds, patterns, colours and tones.

Arriving the right balance and and the same time adding the plants in small portion is a key for this successful water feature dynamics.

Introducing too soon and if any aquatic plant rots and dies.
The whole ecology is ruined as it will contaminate and infect other aquatic plants.

Thus, it is important to remove rotting leaves or plants immediately to safe guard this system.
At least, for few weeks until the whole plants in this set-up had crossed the initial shock and become stable and strong.

I also placed small fish here to deter mosquito from breeding here.

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