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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year End Clean & Clear Up

I had dismantled all the hanging ferns, the dischidias, the hoyas and orchids.
All the Bird Nest ferns given away..
The invasive (what not's) thrown away in garbage bag..
It was 5 bags full.

I had set the dischidias in separate pots and hangers as I find them not able to stay put in a single location. It is the same with hoya.

I had given away most of my orchids to a friend who gave to his in-laws who stays in Cameron Highlands. The last I heard that the plants are still doing well.

I had reset the ferns and just kept the fluffy ruffle ferns planted with Martin Mystery Begonia.
They are re-adjusting and slowly managing itself into a nice growth.

All these hangers are gone for 2017
Its now a clear, singular plant hangers as its easy to handle, fertilise and to see its growth and progress.
I still kept few of the orchids and giving them another year for them to bloom.
The ones that I had decided that is going to stay are the phalaenopsis species, oncidiums, anosmum sp and cattleya orchids.
And still - these are under observation.. If they fail to bloom within a year - they are all out of my garden.

2018 is the Year of Flowers and Blooms.
Its a goodbye year for all the trails and hangers..
Creepers and Vine and all things green..
Its going to be colours, lots of blooms and the songs of birds singing while drinking nectar..

Yes.. A Blessed Year Indeed.


  1. Whew! What a lot of work you've accomplished plus all the photos and posts! Fun to change things up a bit and go different directions for a while. I had to give away my few orchids when we moved to this house in 1989, because there was no place for them. That's why I enjoy looking at yours and all your different plants. Wishing you a good 2018! Barbee in Kentucky, USA.

    1. Thank you Barbee for following up on me on my gardening endevour.
      Its been ages since I garden nor blog..
      And its truly refreshing to know that some gardeners like you are interested to see my garden.
      Have a fruitful 2018

  2. Same for my garden, I am no longer nursing and pampering the plants that do not want to give me flowers. 2018 will be colorful foliage, caladium, cordyline, coleus and all the bromeliads that survive the winter without blankets and space heaters. I am still amazed how similar your garden and plants are to mine :-) Happy 2018 to you! :-)

    1. Thumbs up for you!
      I'm so excited for this endevour and hope that the colours of life enrich all those who are around me with lots of blooms and life.
      Blessed 2018 to you too..


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