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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Elephant Ears and Allies

Its difficult for me to decide whether to keep or throw them especially when it comes to green, they indeed dominate everything. Somehow, I thought of giving them a second chance where the red stem changed my mind.

Then, I had this idea where I had added my unwanted extra dumbcane
 and peace lily into this soup-pot. Caladium joined in the fun.
I thought I had over did it and going to regret the outcome of it.
I thought the mess was last year's mistake and making the same mistake again.

Finally the  Black Elephant Ear comes to display.
I had got rid of all the green versions as junk (I realised that I cannot keep everything) that is - I don't want to keep all the common ones and call it garden - whereas they easily found and grows all over around my place (jungle)

This one escape my mind (I mean the ID)
It does have a beautiful flowers - happen to bloom during this season of time.

This is another elephant ears ( black stalk ones) I guess I had got rid of it
Just keeping the black leaved ones.
If you noticed - My Peace lily had bloomed.

The Fancy Leaf Caladium had sprouted.
It had been dormant for months, now looking at it - I had totally given up on them.
Their dormancy had but put of my confidence over their beauty,
especially when I'm in no mood to keep anything.

The camera is not doing justice to the view and colours that I see.
Somehow - its so different when I see it real life than in the picture frames.
Talking about Dumbcane species. I'm no longer going to pursue them.

I had learned to be contented with their cream hues, unless its Agloanema with her reds.
I think I had enough of this green and cream shades in my garden,

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