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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Garden Update - Hanging Version

Finally I had decided on what I want to keep and what I want to throw
(mostly I begged my new garden friends to adopt my plants)
I had given away all of my Bird Nest Ferns, most of the orchids (which never bloomed)
And also all the boring green leafy types - got rid of the invasive Boston Ferns.

The new look consist of Dischidias, Bromeliads, Tassel Ferns and finally Hoya.
I had replanted the invasive Hoya - subjected them into pots and hoping that they will bloom soon.
(Or else they are the next set to get dumped)

I had re-introduced my long missed Spanish Moss that had been idle, hanging pitifully at the gate corner. Now, getting a new look - I was surprised that I managed to make many hangers out of them.
Hopefully they start thriving like the last time.

This is the angle of my garden looking from my entrance door.
The next clearing to be done is the bottom part - its quite a mess and every time I want to reset them;
It either rains, or that I'm occupied with something else and most case - no mood to garden.

I mustered the courage to garden.
It took awhile to harden my heart to clean and clear..
Finally I can see the sunlight coming into my garden..
And.. oh-oh...
It started to burn my very much shaded orchids and bromeliads..

I'm thinking by next year.
My garden theme is very much coloured leaves and blooms.
Hopefully it happens.
The boring green had it era - now its the coloured look.
I really long to see some flowers this time.
At least - just to brighten my day.

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