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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Dischidia and her Allies

Are you a fan of Dischidia?
Its quite difficult to miss one if you are a fan of cascading plants..
The locals calls its "duit-duit" resembling coins (also equivalent to another look-a-like fern species) 

As usual, carelessly - I had encouraged them to anywhere, everywhere..
Big mistake!
I have to carefully un-twine them and reset them into group setting.
I had lost few of its species (neglect - my fault actually)
I thought they will thrive in the chaos - now I realise they are too late - gone.

This particular species is blooming. 
I really enjoy the bell like shaped flowers, I guess it has nectar and attracted ants all over them.
Dischidia Ruscifolia - Million Hearts.

I got a cutting from a friend which eventually died.
I bought another one from a nursery and it had started to do well

This type tolerates good sun over it.
It has a broader, rounder leaves compared to its other species.
I have yet to find its name.

I found this species somehow does so well that I have too many of it.
Dischidia Oiantha
I had yet to see its flowers

I had lost the variegated species of this type
(has a white stripe over the leaves) and type is a very slow grower.

I had placed some succulent types here - seemed to doing Ok.
Hopefully grows long and beautiful.
I like the ball shaped hangers - it sort of makes life more easier and unique - simply poking them into the ball and having a feel of a world of its own.

This one is lipstick plant - it had stopped flowering for ages but does well as a trailing plant.
I had given all away except this one.
Hopefully it blooms one day.

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