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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


It would quite frustrating when you find the orchids you have don't flower.
Don't you think so?
I have almost a dozen of orchids and not all of them bloom
And so - I opt for the ones that are easy bloomers -even then, they are quite a challenge.

You - regardless what - these orchids still need good fertilising regime:
Weekly, weakly...
And a good fertiliser too - too much and the roots get burned and the leaves prematurely fall..
Too little and inconsistent - well, nothing is going to happen.
So- there you have it - the Curse of the unbloomed orchids.

It took awhile for me to identity the pattern.
I'm still learning and so far I realised that the best fertiliser is still the organic ones: Sheep manure and bat (guano)
I do once awhile use foliar fertiliser but somehow its not happening as I expected.

The other thing is the temperature drop - that makes the orchids bloom.
Sometimes in the tropical - everything is constant so there is no big hike in the temperature difference.
Unless its a rainy season - few days of rain and one sunny day burst them into blooms.

But when they do bloom - its worth all the wait and the efforts.
Do tell me your orchid secrets - would love to hear from you.
Till then - enjoy my garden flowers.


  1. Hi James! You are right - it's worth waiting for such beauty! I used to have only a couple of orchids, and they never rebloomed. That is why I don't have any of them right now. Thank you for the pictures! Orchids blooms are so exquisite!

  2. I love orchids. Your flowers are beautiful !!

  3. Hi James, I'm back to blogging after a hiatus of 9 months.

    I usually buy some phalapnopsis for festive seasons. When the blooming is done, it's usually relegated to the backyard where it stays neglected. Sometimes I take the trouble to tie them to tree trunks and perhaps then I can see blooms again.

  4. I too love orchids.but facing the same problem like you,But I started sparaying with NPK(orchid tonic I suppose) mixture.Dendrobium started to bloom.You have a nice collection.thanks for the info.


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