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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Renanthera Orchid & Eria Orchid

One of the most hopeful factors you might have felt
is the idea that when you buy an orchid - you expect it to bloom again.
And that is the case of my orchids in my garden - the hope
however gets renewed when I see others successful made their orchids bloom.

Its a terrible vicious cycle actually.
Not able to see them bloom - the waiting is indeed exhausting.
The only option is to go heavy on the fertilising regime which of course carry a very high risk of burning and killing the plant in the process.
Already some plants are showing slight burn marks ever since I started on this heavy fertilising spree.
When I think I had over-exaggerate myself - I started the idea of very weakly on a daily basis and water heavy to wash away if indeed I had overwhelm them.
So far the orchids had not died yet (but they had not shown any blooming either)

Well, lets just see for this whole month if they show any improvement.
If not - I might as well just continue with the regime and finish off my existing fertiliser collection and buy a good one that show some promising results.

Coming the Orchids.
The first one is Renanthera Orchid of which I had purchased from Giant Supermarket years ago.
It show very promising healthy growth - I'm now seeking graciously for its bloom.

The other is Eria Orchid - never bloomed for many years and I really had given up on it.
I just took it as an Epiphyte plant - the creeping, crawling & cascading ones that grows on trees.
Somehow - it truly reward me with the 2nd bloom - I notice it only bloom during a long rainy season near year-end.

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