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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dendrobium Anosmum Orchid

It been ages and I had almost gave up on this orchid.
(Gave up means - leave the plant along and let it to grow and crawl everywhere.)

I think it was almost 5 years I had this plant.
(after exaggeration - lets say about 2-3 years at most)

It was given to me by a friend who insist that I should try my hands on them
(together with some tongue twister for their botanic names - I still haven't learnt to pronouns them well nor had learned to appreciate their aesthetic beauty - yet...)

This was one of it - I often get them mis-spelled. Anonsum, Anonsumum..
As long as Anon lost his mum - I guess its OK for this Orchid.
More frustrating is the waiting..
You will never know when it flowers - but when it does.
Its all worthed it.

Suddenly  - I feel that I'm an expert for making it to bloom
(Actually - nothing extra-ordinary done except for the irregular watering & fertilising regime)

I got to sets of blooms - the first set that lasted for few weeks and when it done another cane gave out another bunch of flowers for another few weeks.
The fragrance was very fruity more towards morning and evening.
The fragrant didn't emit on the first few days of bloom - I wondered whether it was scent-less.
Regardless - I still love those furry petaled flowers.
The dark-coloured insides somehow give a cool focal point to my evergreen garden.

I hope the canes reproduce more flowers from the same point - it would be a pity to find them only spend flowering once and the whole cascading cane waste away.
We shall see - if it reblooms after this season.

After its bloom - a small keiki appear from the cane (last pic)

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