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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bromeliad bloom

As I mentioned
The beauty of non-orchid blooms are also in par excellence with them.
(of course - this is based on the eye of the beholder - especially my eyes)

Just as mysteriously it came without warning, it lasted for about 2 weeks
till the sad fading & withering of the flowers take place.

This is a very common type of bromeliad.
I realised that this one is now no longer sold as something special in nurseries.
Some of it as slowly phasing out (especially this one)

The good thing is that the Varigated species are now sold for a very affordable prices.
I managed to get Neo-Fireball Bromeliads for less than RM10
(which is indeed a big deal - with few pups and the mother plant)

So until my orchid blooms,
I shall content with these.

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