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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Donkey's Tail - Succulents

It is not impossible to have a rich cascading effect using succulents.
The challenge is taking up the risk in doing the impossible to get it done.

Whenever I buy a succulent - I considered it loss.
That is to say - that they are already dead
(That gives a sense of reality that if in case they do indeed get to survive,
I consider it the next half of the battle won)

In most cases - succulents are so unpredictable.
Sometimes they do so well, sometimes the go dormant
And sometimes, dead.

To avoid such a pain.
I found few matters necessary to change the course of their fate.
That is: I always change the soil medium that suit my lowland climate.
(the ones that come to my place are often planted using cocopeat, not the type of fast draining type of medium you would expect to find for these type of plants)

In due course of changing them.
That's where the stress begins.
Sometimes these plants just don't make it.
But when they do - they do it greatly.

The other thing I find is watering.
These seemed to need more than weekly watering.
Perhaps like 3-4 days once.
Organic fertiliser works best - at least once a month would make a difference.
Not using fertiliser would mean slow growth.
And these ever grow so slowly.

But once they started their growth regime.
They are considered care free plants.
Nothing much is expected from them.

A very small succulent plant came in.
Its known of mother of millions.
Somehow that small plant manage to invade into other pots and choking the rest of the species.
I manage to trim and replant it elsewhere.
This one - somehow manage to outgrow the rest of the succulents.

I do plan to get more different varieties of the donkey's tail.
These sedum species do give me a thrill
especially the cascading effects of  layered levels of leaves,
arranged neatly like beads.

 Do tell me if you have these type of succulents in your garden.
Tell me your story concerning these.
I would like to hear about them.

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