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Friday, November 21, 2014

2nd Trial - Short Leaved Aloe

This time I make sure I removed all the soil.
Mixed it with sand as it would be fast draining.
I had left it to totally dry for almost a week before repoting.
Its a pity the plant survived almost 2 weeks and then started to rot.
The pups eventually rotted too a week later.

I had posted this pictures and asked what when wrong:
These are what I had learned:

1) They need total direct hot sun
 - not shaded as even that may not work well for these types.

2) The soil composition is important
- it should be the best fast draining type - too much water kills.

3) Another factor could be the climate
- due to high humidity and rain almost everyday - an added stress

4) Finally - it could be having some external matters
- like a virus infection.
I also found lots of earwigs around the plant
- so that could contributed to the death of this plant.

I'm taking a break from this Aloe.
Probably I stick to more of the hardy type rather than the highly difficult ones.
Especially the ones that dies like this if you make a watering mistake.

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