Welcome to My Little Garden

Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Zebra Garden Collection

I love another thing about colours.
They come with spots, stripes and shades.
Again - there is so many things to speak about them only to find that I'm repeating myself over and over again. Truly - those who enjoy them will understand what I mean.
When colours and everything put together - they are indeed a riot to behold.

Observe and let me know what you see.
Perhaps you see things differently than I do.
It's not making a fashion statement - rather living beings staying in harmony together.


  1. Hello James, I started blogging myself recently and during my research I came across your blog. I enjoyed your posts and how you relate to plants. Since I'm new at this I encounter technical difficulties, hence you may receive two comments to the same effect from me. I write about plants too on my blog natureofmymemories.blogspot.ca which you might enjoy. Regards, Beste

  2. Nature constantly vies for attention, and it doesnt have our human concern for tasteful combinations. Which is why its so fascinating.


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