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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vertical Garden - Final Product

A Gardener's work is never done.
Just when I thought I was almost finished
and getting into the satisfaction of realising that most of the major work is done
(actually it is - but I just love to exaggerate)
A new set of plants and pots that is needing a relocation.
That is - the ones you see on the floor (the first pictures)

Some of of are a bromeliads of which I need to fasten on the woodframe.
The Earthstars seemed to not doing well on the Vertical Wall,
I'm guessing they are not getting enough sunlight as they are totally shaded by the plant above them.

I'm thinking of fastening them up with other bromeliads.
The high risk factor of the medium getting washed off.
While I'm thinking about it - these pots are temporarily housed here.

Eventually all the pots needs to be off ground,
that would be the most ideal factor to identify that I had completed my task in gardening.

Therefore currently - I would consider my garden is still in progress.
And looking at the plant collection I have,
I realised now that they are not many to consider them as a collection.
Another factor - these were the same plant (and more) that were actually placed on pots,
taking the ground space below.
(Minus the Leaf Begonias - which eventually died due to stress)

The Fittonias are not making it as Vertical Garden.
That is another headache I have think about,
really not sure where I can actually place them.

Other than that..
As you can see,
The rest of the gang are happily ever after.

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