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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Passion Flower Blooms

There were many times I thought I gave this one a last chance.
That is to say, if there is nothing superbly happening - I might try for the last time..
Hard pruning, a heavy fertilising and wait for the final round..

The final round didn't happen..
I gave up fertilising - occasionally I throw the vine up hoping it get hooked somewhere
and don't disturb the entrance for an easy excess.

All that is a failed attempts.
This one rarely flowers (don't hope for the first fruit to appear)
I tried many times with fertilisers but nothing had bulged..
And all I get was vines everywhere..

Then one fateful night (actually it was yesterday)
This one bloomed with another maiden bud just beside it..
Ohh.. how I marvel at the perfection of the whole flower.

I guess I was getting impatient and this was my final reward.
I did show to my wife and her span of interest and amusement
that comes to flowers last shorter that a honey bee visit..
(Well - divide it with 10 and consider that timing in seconds)

I should be rejoicing.. Yay!
Sorry for my lack of joy in this..
Probably I got worn out of waiting too long..

There was actually..
A hint of excitement and excitement when I first saw it yesterday...
And that made all the waiting worth it.

After this..
If you ask me whether I would plant another passionflower again..
Maybe.. Maybe not..
I think I would settle with the ones that gives out constant blooms..
I realised that I'm not the patient type.

What about you?
Would you settle for a jungle like vine for almost a year?
Without flower or fruits?
That would definitely create a challenge for any gardener.

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