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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vertical Gardening - Plants

I realized that it is the in thing to have a vertical garden concept.
More of a contemporary and practical where space is a big issue.
I often hear that many people say that they do not have space for gardening.
That their once a garden spot is all tiled up and had become a car porch.

I would say:
If you really want to have a garden - you would just find a way.
And that is the reality of the truth.
But if you decide to get a vertical garden anyway.
Do choose your garden plants properly for not all do well as a vertical plant.

I had selected foliage plants with varieties of dots, streaks, stripes and colours.
Some dusted, lined, split and veined.
You would not find one leaf similar to another.

Here in my collection:

1) Cane Begonia
2) Dumb cane varieties.

Persian Shield was looking good for sometime but it started to rot and finally gave way.
I really missed those maroon track looking leaves.
I doubt I would get it again, as I find it not hardy as I had expected.

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