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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Vines and Villea's

I used to marvel looking at vines when I was a child.
Somehow those childhood memories concerning them captivates in my desire to have them in my garden.
The fact is they never seemed enough regardless how wild they might appear to be.
I'm pretty sure those who are in love with vines with share the same joy with me.

The amazing part about them is that they are very generous with their blooms.
Here I've set the Bleeding Heart Vine together with a Variegated Trailing Bougainvillea.
Earlier my garden had undergone some renovation works
which had caused major watering routine schedule.
They all but had almost died turning into twigs.

Somehow - a little help with rain and slowly picking myself back into gardening had made a difference in them. They are now started to sprout with flower buds and slowly filling my garden with colours again.

Plants in this list:

1) Bleeding Heart Vine - Clerodendrum thomsoniae
2) Variegated Trailing Bougainvillea
3) Another different type of Bleeding Heart Vine.
4) Variegated Bleeding Heart Vine - slowly growing
5) Passion Fruit Vine
6) Chalice Vine - Solandra grandiflora

I wish to add slowly more species that I can twine it together
to give more richer colour, variety and density.
The only setback it handling them in properly
as one plant can easily overtake another.
Pruning is must to keep them in check and control but that again, if you enjoy a wild growth in a garden - who is going to tell you that it is wrong.

The Vine & the Villea Story.

Once a upon a time (in a little house in the Prairie)
Lived this guy who fancy himself in a Villa
and that his neighbour who was poor as a poor
could only offer nothing but a big warm heart of love..

One day they both got together and decided to stay together.
His neighbour was so moved that his heart burst out with appreciation.
And thus remembered as the Bleeding Heart who lived in the Villa.

Then eventually both became a legend.
And these two plants were named The Bleeding Heart Vine
and The Trailing Bougainvillea.

Hope you enjoyed my lipstick short story.

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