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Monday, June 30, 2014

A Trip to Sg.Buloh Nurseries

 It had been the most thrilling moments happening to me
especially when a group of gardener's friends meet up for a plant shopping.
I for one had told myself that I didn't want to buy anything.
And been kept telling myself - I'm not buying anything - over and over again...
Until 2 of them bought me gifts. (Syngonium podophyllum variety & Begonias)

That's when the "non-buying" code suddenly got broken
I end up buying a fancy Golden Hahnii,  a Persian Shield and a Variegated Hoya.
I did eye for the African Violets (proved a challenge for me)
and manage to collect all the dropped off leaves for propagation
after a nice sweet talk with the nursery owner.

We were there for the whole morning..
Checking, chit-chatting, discussion all about plants..
And I guess it was a good haul for the rest of them.
I for one - still regret why I didn't get some of them.
(especially the Earthstar - which I did not have)
And few other variegated plants..
Well - it was an enjoyable trip regardless.

Last pictures:
It shows how pricey a waterlily can get.

 Two different versions (top & bottom)


  1. It looks like you and your gardening friends had fun! I would have bought the Earthstar...that dazzling pattern is hard to resist. I laughed when you said that you asked the owner for some cuttings. I do the exact same thing! One time I found a baby plant growing under an expensive mother plant and asked to buy just the baby for a small price. They said 'yes'! David/:0)

  2. Georgous blooms... I've been doing some traveling down south and thought of you when i saw Spanish moss in the Louisiana bayous. Your garden reminds me of parts of New orleans, actually.

  3. Nice nursery. I can relate to not wanting to spend, but ending up purchasing plants anyway.


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