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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Bromeliads Fastened Uo

It had been sometime that this bromeliad
had finished its blooming and had past its prime.
(The bloom had been trimmed off - of course)

The other fact is that I really don't want
something all green (boring) just lying at a corner.
They are not going to bloom again and the pup that is going to come is going to take ages for it come to it's prime.

And so, this what happened.
All the brom's where hoisted,
tied and fastened together with the existing orchid location.
Around the PVC pipe that serves as the drain pipe for the balcony (above floor)
This frees me quite a space from my garden.
I doubt I'm going to plant anything on their freed space
as it is the whole garden is quite tight for space.

After finishing it - I wished I got more colour added into this spot.
Still waiting to ideas and inspiration to form - until then, this is it.

Let me know what you think?


  1. I think it looks lovely and tropical. Suddenly some flowers pop out or up again. In the meantime you could add some colourful strings of beads. Or hang up a glass jar filled with colourful marbles. In some pots I place some greenish glass marbles, it looks fab, I also like a few whimsies hanging or snuggling into the greenery. There are many possibilities to add some colour until the broms flower and colour again, as when they do, it is spectacular.

  2. Broms as special even out of bloom. You could add a Neoregelia with bright foliage if you feel color is lacking. I add bright colored cache pots where I think we need color.

  3. Even I to do not like all green there has to be some bright color or some sort of drama added to a garden to catch attention.You can add some contrast foliages along side the broms oh why I see some wall mural and a bird around it which is looking stunning, what else you are looking for.

  4. It looks great James, and to be quite honest, I think foliage plays just as big a part as blooms do.

  5. Oh wow interesting how you rearrange them.


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