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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Indoor Plants - Office Cubicle

 I had been experimenting on most of the indoor plants and found that some truly do quite well in a enclosed office space where natural light is rare.

What I notice is that Aglaonema seemed to root in sphagnum moss &
the Brown Earth Star had change its colour to green.
The ZZ plant seemed to sprout very well in a small container bottles.
And the Walking Iris seemed to grow longer but thinning out slowly.

This Moss collection is something new.
Other than that, the rest seemed to be doing fine.


  1. Amazing, you even have a garden in the office :D

    1. Something to release my stress after a hard days work.

  2. They all seem to be doing great.

  3. Your greens are doing great considering the absence of natural light. I have 3 big pots of hydroponic Philodendrons in my own office too. However my room have too many windows and is thus bright. Someone commented that its a botanical garden in there.

    1. Hahaahahahaaaaa..
      I get that a lot too..
      (mentioning about botanic garden)

  4. Hi there

    I was admiring your lovely office corner...I love them. U have made full use of bottles cups etc and they are simply lovely. By the way, I love that plat of moss that you've got. Could you tell me how to grow them so green and "bushy"...so lovely \(*^o^*)/

    Thanks (from Singapore)

  5. Awesome desk garden! How much artificial light does your desk get? I want to have plants on my desk too but my desk never gets more than 10 foot-candles during the day. There are plenty of plants in my home though - check out my blog: http://houseplantjournal.tumblr.com/


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