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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Garden Updates - Part 3

This is a continuation of the pictures from the earlier post.
If you would see the last post you would able to see the over-all of the big picture of this garden space.

I wouldn't brag about my garden space. A friend came by visited me for the first time and was shocked to find that the garden space is so small
(That is - viewing my garden blog over time thinking I got a huge space to add so many variety of garden plants in it)

The key is right arrangement with the right plants together that they can live harmony together without any stress. These plants are shaded type (love low light) medium watering and somehow its genes are closely related to each other.

I love this collection where they are considered variegated.
A Riot of Colours!

Chinese Evergreen & Chinese Crotons.
No.. they are not related but somehow they really make a good combo of many colours in a mix.


Aglaonema species seemed to suit very well here in this spot.
I love those colours in display. A splash of reversed colours from the same main species.


Truly a killer.
One mistake and the whole plant is dead.
I just not sure how does goes well in my garden. For now, they are popping out from the 1st season. Already some of the species are missing. Hopefully they come back.

Caladium Thai Beauty is in good display. This one require some bright sunlight for it show it strong colours.


Known commonly as Goose Foot Plant.
I use to love this one as they do fair well as indoor plants.
The problem is that they don't stay put in their pot rather trail everywhere and spread invasively in other parts causing havoc.
The one I have is not a beautiful hybrids with exotic colours - these are commonly found in the wild.

Peace Lily Plant in the midst of Caladiums.
Below: Cane Begonias in colours.

This coleus species seemed to shine brightly in this shaded area together with begonias.

 This Never never plant seemed not to live nor die in my garden. Somehow its a haven for all the rescued and survivors. All are welcome in my garden.

There are more variegated plants now compared to before and I really suggest that you should have them if you have a small space for gardening. That will truly make a lot of difference in the gardening spot - specially when you have colours of the opposite spectrum to complement each other making the garden space bigger.


  1. Hello James, how amazing! I can see how leaves can be as attractive as blooms now. I have not grown that Chinese croton before. Does it require lots of sunlight? The last time I planted one (a green and yellow one), it needed lot of sunlight. Re coleus (pretty!), I used to have a perilla with similar colours. Btw, you have lots of beautiful caladiums!!

    1. Too much direct sunlight can burn this plant.
      I'm having it in partial shade and its doing fine.
      One thing that I note is that this plant grows super slow compared to most plants.

      Thanks for compliment.

  2. Hi James,
    Your plants are looking quite happy and healthy. I love all of the different colors, from the greens to the pinks.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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