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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cactus, Succulents and like.

I had spotted this cactus suddenly sprouted a flower.
Something that never happen in my cactus garden and I was there at the right time to spot this bloom. This was one plant now turned into two. I was concerned that it would start to rot as when I was checking on this plant - I was just able to pick it up
(finding that the bottom section totally rot and dried up)
I had manage to re-set it and hoped it would survive and now it had rewarded me with a lovely bloom.

This Agave looking plant was actually rescued from a cut down tree. I had manage to pick up 3 pieces of it and was not sure whether it would manage to survive. Its somehow few weeks now and my closest guess is that it would have manage to pull through.

This Silver Squill was quite a challenge as I had placed this together with the daily watering plant. It appeared sickly and the leaves snapped and broken. It was suffering and I was not able to tell whether it was under water or over-watered.

Somehow I placed this out of reach and with weekly watering - it was able to pick up the pace and give such an adorable coloured foliage.

I had purposely left few sprouts of ghost plant leaf succulents here & there between many of the succulent pots and they are springing back to life. These are Tiger Jaws - doing very well after a strict weekly watering regime.

These 3 plants (top & bottom) are newly purchased plants bought from Sg.Buloh nursery for RM10.00 offer. They look lovely and I hope the manage to survive for many years to come. I had recently changed the small pots placing the rootball together with a new hardy soil mix (not the cocopeat mix which is usually found)

Top: Dischidia Oiantha

I had manage to get two of this hanging plants.
I find that they are not easy to get them from anywhere. I read that they are indeed slow growers and make take forever if planted using cuttings.
Regardless, I got them reasonably for RM12 from Sg.Buloh nursery.

This is a variegated type (not the common green) I was told that this one is slightly more expensive than the green counter-part. Well, I hope it grows heavy in my garden.

Ant Plant (Dischidia Pectinoides)

This is another from of Dischidia.
Now I'm having a craving to collect different types of these same species. I have another type which I had found growing on tree trunks (Button Orchids) but they are not so showy as these two.

These are recently purchased and awaiting to be divided and transfered to a bigger wood piece. They had finish blooming and I'm pretty sure soon there will be new pups appearing from the mother plant.
The sooner I would able the transfer them - the sooner the damage is lessened.

Other succulents which are randomly taken.
Top: Ice plant - they are in season with blooms. These are appearing for the first time in my garden after some time planting them from a very small cutting.

Below: Donkey's Tail.
Suddenly I notice that they are quite long and the leaves are easily breakable due to strong wind or accidents (a light touch during watering can even break off those leaves)


  1. You have some beautiful succulents. Your blooming cactus (probably a mammilaria) is doing great. The agave looking plant is a yucca... very dramatic bloomer, hopefully it will reward you with a spike soon.

    1. Thank you so much Claude for the ID.
      Yes indeed its a Yucca.. now I remember!

  2. Love your collection of succulents! I had the same experience (rotted and dried at the bottom) with a cactus ones. But mine didn't survive... :-( The Dischidia oiantha is a really pretty. Have fun growing it. Btw the ice plant can be tricky ;-)

  3. Your photos are beautiful!
    Greetings from Holland, RW & SK

  4. Succulents are rather forgiving and can take a lot of abuse.

  5. You've a great collection James. I think those Dischidia look so interesting - are they like an airplant?

  6. You sure have an interesting assortment of plants, James! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes there are lots of seeds! I hope the holes get filled next year.

  7. Hi James, I'm Jean from Singapore and I've recently acquired a dichidia oiantha too. I'm wondering what's your experience with them since procuring them in 2013. Mine hasn't been fairing so well, so I'd love to hear any tips or tricks you have in growing these beauties. Cheers!

  8. Hi Jean,
    If yours are not doing well..
    Remove them from their current station and replant them.
    Chances are they are laced with some chemicals and may not do well.

    Soak them in a bucket of rain water for an hour and let them hand dry in a bright shade for the day.
    Then replant them with soaked coconut husk.
    They will do better and regenerate faster.


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