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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Amaryllis At its Peak.

It is indeed a joy to see all of them bursting with flowers.
These Amaryllis seemed to be very happy and when the start flowering somehow they just do it in a herd.
I had kept aside few of these bulbs aside after its blooming season and now they are at their peak.

Some of the spikes have 5 flowers in that stalk. (normally its 4)
And some bulbs are shooting 2 flower spikes. (normally one in each bulb)

It is indeed a heavy load of flowering going on in my garden.


  1. Amaryllis are one of my favorites in the garden... we usually get one as a gift every Christmas, and out goes out in the garden, to rebloom every spring for the next few years. The scent is amazing...

    1. Great that you get them as gifts.
      These prove expensive and not so common nowadays in most nurseries.
      Sadly this one do not have fragrance.

  2. If they develop seed pods they're fairly easy from seed. And you end up with some different colors... but it take s 2 or 3 years before They're big enough to bloom.

    1. I certainly do not have such patience and I'm very very bad with seeds.
      I have yet to see them taking in the seed formation.
      Perhaps I'm missing something.


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