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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Garden Update - September 2013

This is one of my Cane Begonias that had gone towering with non-stop blooms. It grew tall and now due to the heavy rain had descended down canopying my orchids. These blooms are edible. They are crunchy &  have a slight sour tinge. 

The flower buds are in coin shape whereas the mature ones are hangs like a pendant. These are rosy pink in colour, unless they stand strong in direct sunlight - the blooms tend to get into a deep red in colour.

The white spots on the leaf surface tend to fade too due to this shady area, if not - they are brilliantly evident.
This is a very hardy plant - literally handles well without any care or whatsoever. They do not have any pest infestation (unlike my Ylang-ylang & Spicy Jatropha are facing - ants & mealybugs)

This Cane Begonia is a slow grower when propagated from stem cutting. Once the new shoots start sprouting from the base roots - this would be the result. 

I had bought this Mini Dendrobium Orchids from Floria (Flora Festival) recently held in PutraJaya. I got two of them (RM5 each) and wrap them up with a coco-husk sheet. Within these rainy season they started to sprout 2 flower spike. 
The flower lasted for few weeks.

I would consider this one as one of the hardest orchid plants to have. Ionopsis Orchid seemed to be dormant all the time. One time - I had moved this plant to another location hoping for the plant to receive more sun-light and this plant suddenly died.
The parent plant died with barely another small off-spring and this is the result of that. 

This off-spring grew and gave this flower spike.

This Oncidium Orchid seemed to bloom but not so much in the highlight as the spike are not so showy.
They somehow find their way in between the Bleeding Heart Vine and shaded heavily under them. 

These Orchid Cactus had bloomed in the night which I had missed.
Sadly this is what I manage to snap. (Well - some evidence that this one does bloom)

It had been raining almost everyday and I'm literally not in the mood for gardening. Well the flowers don't think so - they don't seemed to mind the cool weather for these few weeks.


  1. I like your demure looking Ionopsis Orchid! It is really nice. And your cane begonia... wow! the plant is looking really healthy and pretty. Good job! As with the weather, it is raining here again too James... I am not in the mood for gardening as well. But with the cooler temperature, I hope some blooms will just appear to give a surprise and your cactus orchid will bloom again soon :-)

    1. Thanks.
      My garden is constantly changing.
      And that is something I have keep up.

  2. Your cane begonia really impresses me. It is majestic, with plenty of dangling blooms. You manage to get you dendrobiums for a steal. This time I went for the lemons and pepper vine at the Floria.

    1. Nice.
      I would check your garden blog to view it.

  3. We get the mini dendrobiums over here too, but they certainly aren't cheap.

    1. These were available abundantly one time around and suddenly they disappeared from the market.
      I think they were farmed in the different part of the country.

  4. Begonia certainly adds color to salads. How do you prepare yours? I've just started on my orchid phase, mostly natives to my country because they are the most inexpensive.

    1. Basically mix it with the greens.
      Add a table spoon of honey, squeeze half a lemon and toss them.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Wow.... James, your Cane Begonia looks impressive, so too all the lovely orchids you've planted. I wasn't aware that there are mini dendrobiums... hehee, I'm way behind time! Keep sharing and thanks, I've enjoyed them all!


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