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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Messy Garden - The Series

One of the most difficult factors about gardening is frist: 
Trying to keep the plant alive.
 If you have managed that well then like me - then you are faced with another worst challenge - keeping the garden neat when "they" decide to go "jungle". 
Well, that happens all the time at every 3-4 months period. 

These are the collection of pictures which I took and that I never uploaded as I really do not no how to make out of it. Whether to compile a series of before & after in the arrangement (which I finally found that I have too many of them in the collection) or delete and start all over again. (which I did too)

What I like about this space is that I can see and manage and decide which plants I want to keep & others which don't really fare well. 

Here - I really love Indian Head Ginger ( Costus Woodsonii) & Coleus in this collection. They do a superb job in keeping the floral & foliage colours well in a small tight space.

Others like Angelonia gives sprays of colours which really brightens up the place. The only setback is the unpredictability of propagating them that in most cases the survival of the next generation is 50% success rate. Nevertheless - out of all that is planted, some Angelonias blooms.

This is the overall picture together with hanging pots. They do tend to get leggy and ugly - these variegated Joyweed are really hardy as they can withstand strong blazing heat & sun also during the raining season where water literally wash down from the roof scallops. 

However this time, I found that Orchid Cactus seemed to complement well together with Joyweed to give the wholesome effect. The Spiderplant also had invaded in some of the space in between the Joyweed of which I think they still complement well.

Another set of earlier selection of plants which I never managed to upload.
These are during the rain season where Wishbone flowers bloom gloriously.

I find that this Fire Cracker Plant (Russelia Equisetiformis) is also very hardy but they do give a challenging factor where they don't seemed to obey on where you want to go grow. They can be very bushy and giving out sprays here & there in an untidy manner.

Regardless - I love the flowers together with the Indian Head Ginger (Costus Woodsonii) gives a good selection for the nectar loving birds (Sunbirds that often visits my garden) around this garden space.

Picture Above
Spicy Jatropha (Jatropha integerrima) 
A challenging plant where mealy bugs and ants seemed to be constantly attacking this plant. Currently the whole plant is invested with snow-like  bugs where ants are farming on them. I need to trim off all the infested branches which I have yet to do.

Picture Below
Snowflake (Wrightia Antidysenterica)
Truly a lovely flower - I really never managed to write about this one. One setback is that its is scent-less, otherwise it would make a wonderful complete bloom to consider this as a jasmine but sadly it is not.

Somehow the common name seemed to be rare for this one. I doubt anyone is going to call this a snowflake. 
(Really? I mean people like us would prefer to get acquainted with simple & easy names like jasmines or white something - Wrightia anti..something.. is just too much a tongue twister)

And I thought the only thing was messy was my garden.

False Heather (Cuphea hyssopifolia)
You won't believe it that this manage to grow at the side of the gate. There is a very tiny hole by the gate and this plant decided to make its residents there.

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  1. I think this is the first time I am seeing Spicy Jatropha in your garden. The flowers are very attractive.


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