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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Interior Garden & Figurines

This is actually the top of my book rack, its by the window side. I had an idea of placing plants by it and found that mother in-law tongue plant seemed to be the best candidate for this arrangement.

I wanted something green and alive. Earlier I had tried with the palm orchids & kalanchoe but they have failed. Somehow these have been doing very well, probably it would have been 3 years now. I had placed them in bottles with little soil and only water them like once a month with very little water - just enough to see them disappear (or vapourise) within the walls of the bottled soil.

This is a project where my son & I had decided to decorate with all the nature stuff. We had collected some seashells and some saga seeds and stick it on our "Staircase of Fame"
The work is this in progress, there is a lot of ideas and thoughts to work on this but nevertheless its still a progressive, slow and a dedicated work - I really don't think it would be complete anytime soon.
If its not for those hummingbirds & the glass pebbles, it would be a boring composition.


  1. You are doing tabletop gardening with recycled bottles. That's great! I like your beautification project along the stair case. This is where happy memories are built upon, good bonding for father and son.

  2. James you are an artist? I like the way ou decorated the staircase. What a wonderful treat for your guest. As for the snake plant, it's really a good idea! Well done.

  3. Hi James, the mother in law tongue is a very tough plant. It looks nice with the light filtering through it. I think they are getting more popular again. I like their patterns.
    The staircase decoration is a great project and the vibrant colour makes it interesting. Much fresher and nicer to look at than a boring gray or white!

  4. Hi James! I like mother in-law tongue because it's a very strong plant, a survivor, and it looks great. It's a neat idea to use glass jars!
    I am impressed with the the staircase project. Your son and you are doing a great job! Very colorful and interesting!

  5. What a fun and beautiful project on your staircase! I love the mother-in-law tongues, too. I have one that was my own mother-in-laws. She died over 15 years ago, so we've had it awhile. It's on the upstairs toilet, and gets only a little light from a north window. I forget to water it for periods of time. I've been noticing it has fewer stalks than it used to. I better start watering it more.

  6. Hello James, Thank You for helping me this morning!!

    It is Sunday Morning Here in Sunny South West Florida, USA. I am working to rescue several plants that are in the way of a building project my husband is working on. I was looking up information on the internet about.."water rooting Bleeding Heart cuttings".

    So many of the professional gardner websites tell you everything EXCEPT what you actually want to know...yet I was determined to make sure my rescue attempt is successful, and I read over a dozen sites. Finally I came to a wonderful Blog (yours)...with the sub-title "I meet God when I Garden" ! Thank You James, for offering this Blog for people to find a connection to LIKE MINDED PEOPLE all over the world.
    The sun is rising outside, as I take a moment to say hello and thank you for the information you offered on August 17,2009. I have to admit that I was hoping to find someone who had grown the vines from Water-rooted Stem Cuttings and that the comment by Jacqueline posted on your blog "is" the method I wanted to try.
    Yet since I might have to dig up the plant and re-locate it (because of my husband digging and pouring concrete a foot away from where the plant is)...I am going to take several cuttings and can experiment by trying to establish new plants by using several methods. it has been less than a year since I planted the original plant.
    I didn't print the information you offered and leave your site for my own purpose- because I wanted to comment to "James the person(soul)" so here goes, MY NEW FRIEND !!!

    James, I am very thankful that we have the internet to commect us with Gods People all over the Earth. Just 6 weeks ago I gave my first Lecture as a Public Speaker. I believe very strongly that IN SPITIT WE ARE ALL ONE, and we have an obligation to look out for one another, offering all the help we can for all of Gods Creation and for this wonderful Earth we call our home.
    James, I also Meet with God when I garden. We must all be tenders of what God has given us, the plants, the animals, and all human beings!
    I send My Blessings and support to you James!
    Contact me any time-I started a gardening Blog last year and need to get back to it, thanks for reminding me- I have plenty of pictures to share!!

    I am:Kimmie Shea
    Lecture series: It Is So...And So It Is !!
    Contact me here: Kimmie.itissoandsoitis@gmail.com
    Punta Gorda, Florida/ United States Of America


  7. I've become a fan of your hummingbirds! They're so cute and a perfect deco for the plants!

  8. aloha james,

    love the stair case and tilework too, well done for your son!

    did i ever invite you to my hot, lout and proud meme at the end of every month?

    here's the last one, hope you can join us for the end of the month....


  9. Thank you all for the lovely comments.

    Noel - I will try my best to set the meme (still wondering what is hot, loud & proud in my garden) all seemed so timid & subtle..

    Kimmie - Wow, thank you so much for the heart-felt eloborate write-up concerning my garden & my post, didn't know that it made an impact to you. Appreciate your friendship very much.

  10. Hi James, somehow it is always difficult to open your blog, sometimes it really taxed my patience, and when that comes i closed the X and a lot of the windows poured in, non-stop. So i had to Ctr-Alt-Del to let it stop, maybe it affected my computer because it even got slower which takes infinity now! I am just trying again today. Maybe putting just a few posts per page will hasten uploading. thanks.

    BTW, those Sansevieria can be put on just water and they will still root. Do you know that they help purifying the air of pollutants! I have lots of them in my office window ledge, but the short-leaved varieties not those which i think are for hedges outside the property.

  11. Andrea - Sorry about the uploading issues - I will set it as 2 page-post in view for faster loading. Hopefully that helps.

    I had once placed the leaves in water but somehow they tend to rot rather than root. Regardless they seemed to be very hardy when they away from water.

  12. Wow, your staircase project fascinates me, James...the result is so appealing and beautiful! Artistic and creative, and nurturing great bonding times with your son!
    I love all kinds of Sansevierias, they're tough and thrive on neglect. We have the dwarf varieties indoors on table-tops too, though I never knew that they thrive well in bottled jars..thanks for the tip, my friend!


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