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Monday, April 5, 2010

Golden Dew Drop - Duranta Erecta

It seemed that this plant was very common during the "old gardener times". I used to see these hanging bead plant adorned neatly by the old folks gardens but now they have disappeared.

I think the new hybrid with brilliant colour had taken the modern upbeat version - the Sapphire Showers had invaded. It is true that this one is a killer and I also mean literally - the fruit can be deadly to humans, dogs and cats but the birds seemed to be immune to it.

Strange, I use to play with the fruits during my childhood times and my elder siblings pull a fast one by telling me that buttons are made from this fruits. Regardless, its a very pretty plant to have - if you got good sunshine for it to bloom otherwise its going to be a boring green flowerless shrub.

Pictures: These are taken from various garden & park - the plant is not mine.


  1. What a beauty! Sad that modern gardeners abandon what their grand-people grew...

  2. Hi James! How's it been? You have lit upon one of my all-time favorite shrubs here! I love golden dewdrops! They are one of the best wildlife plants here in my garden. Butterflies choose these flowers over any other here. And the birds make sure I never get to see the hanging drapes of golden berries.

    Seems you have highlighted another American native! :~)

  3. Hello James

    I've only seen this flower in books - I never realised how poisonous it was. I think with alot of health and safety issues these days with garden centres its probably a plant that their buying departments would avoid. I know that Aconitum is hard to source now in some GC's due to it being so toxic.

    I grow quite a few toxic plants in the garden but I think that one with my weather would just sit as a green bush.

    Apart from all of that I think the colour is so beautiful and I'm sure its a real treat for the birds.

  4. James: This is very beautiful flower! Are you showing two colors, one lavender/purple, another one is more blue (in third picture), or it is the same plant with different light reflection? Both colors are beautiful, my favorite! :)

  5. Hello James,

    I always love it when you post about a plant that we grow here as well. Duranta grows very well here in the desert, with water. I love their purple blooms.

  6. It dies back here, but I see tiny sprouts from the one I planted last year. I took cuttings, just in case, so now I can have more than just the original one. The oldest cutting has a bloom.

  7. What pretty flowers! I had the chartreuse form but it didn't like the flooded soil too much. Hey, lettin you know that I nominated you for a Mouse and Trowel Award for best writing (for obvious reasons)

  8. Hi James, I still have this pretty shrub in my garden. Here it is called "Geisha Lady". It is very beautiful, growing tall and weeping. Have you got it in your garden?

  9. I have seen this plant in many places by the roadside but most of the time it is just leaves only, without flowers.


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