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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cactus Corner - Part 1

This is my cactus balcony garden, actually there is no use of the balcony except for this garden.
Watering them takes place once a week and if I got very busy it would be the 2 weeks once. So far none of my cactus died - that is I have not put in any top up soil or fertiliser.

I had kept aside the zigzag plant aside here too and found that they too do better with the cactus.
I guess all succulents and cactus can go well without water for more than 2 weeks.

You would notice that the mother of thousand plant had sprouted and growing here & there in between the cactus plants - somehow I don't seemed to mind that.
Got more pictures coming - this took sometime to load.

Most of the plants here are rescued, others I have bought them years ago (I got few which spans more than 10 years)


  1. Wow you have a big collection of cacti now. I didn't recall you have two racks last time. With regards to watering, it's better to forget or have no time to do so ha ha... ;-)

    James, I always wonder if these cacti would grow faster when put in the sun throughout the day. Have you tried before? As it is now, do you have to apply fertiliser frequently?

  2. Though I am not a great fan of succulents and cactuses in my garden, I love watching them in others' and in parks! Lovely collection, James. I wish you showed a closeup of that rack.

  3. James, that is a wonderful collection of cacti and succulents. So many interesting shapes and textures! I was not always a fan of succulents, but I've recently come to appreciate their ability to survive in containers, as you said, without a great deal of watering.

  4. You got a very nice collection of cacti and succulents! I love them both, and even started some seeds of cacti this year, will see how many will actually make to the mature plants. I also have the zig-zag plants in my garden, although they look a little different from yours.

  5. Stephanie - I dare not put them outside. In the beginning when I started my garden - all of these where my first garden. But due to the frequent & constant rain - these plants started to rot. And so, I have transfered all of them here.

    I had applied fertiliser but I guess the heat & the lack of water had somehow created a chemical imbalance and another set of my cactus & succulent plants died. And so, I take the more cautious & refrain mode.

    Chandramouli - Hope the new updates please you with the close-up. In the begining, I was not the great fan of cacti & succulent. What interest me greatly is their ability to handle neglect very well.

    Floridagirl - I guess it happens time to time that gardeners suddenly change their taste and may just get inspired to try something new and and challenging. I started with that idea and it works very well with me.

    Ami - good luck with the new plants. I guess there are many varieties of zigzag, but somehow they all are very hardy.

  6. I only have 1 cactus and each time I handle, I prick my fingers with its thorns! It is very painful. Luckily, I didn't fall asleep for 10 years :)

  7. Belle - Hahaha!! That is a good one. Wonder if prince charming is hoping that you do, probably then he can steal a kiss to awaken you (lol)


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