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Monday, March 8, 2010

Variegated Hibiscus

I'm going to repeat myself over & over again but I realise that the results are never the same.
Have you heard the definition of insanity where it was said that it equals to doing the same thing over & over again but expecting different results. Somehow for what I'm doing - its just not true.

These are variegated hibiscus - a rescued pruned plant found in a pile. I was not certain that this one would survive as most of the stalks didn't manage to live for the first week. I had left it for another few weeks and the plant somehow picked out and started growing happily. (More to do with the lack of time I had to pay less attention to it until last week)

Finally, I have decided to prune, weed out the weeds or whatever that grew together in this pot and top-up with additional soil and fertiliser. And this is the nice result which I got last week.

Last week was really a back-breaking week of constant gardening. I have manage to settle the long postponed plants, cleaning up the porch and sort all the "sore-eye" overgrown plants. I have managed to set the lilies (amarylis & rain lilies) rescue some ixoras, replant coleus, prune the roses, replant pentas, rescue another type of bougainvillea (this one got lots of thorns) and another couple of species where I'm scratching my head wondering where to place them.

I have manage to give all these rescued plants to my office mates who gladly willing to share my "burden" in their garden. Knowing getting good plants for free - who wouldn't want & my policy is simple - do not throw it away, share. And I guess - everyone is happy with that idea.

(before pruning)


  1. It is wonderful to hear people giving plants! I am sure your colleagues are the happiest people around. They get to have new plants for free! Very generous of you, James.

    I love this hibiscus for both its foliage and flower. In fact I am really into hibiscus lately. I like the fact that its flower is very showy. But they are very prone to mealy bugs. Hmm... I need to have a proper long term solution for this as I have already a few hibiscus growing in my garden.

    Happy gardening yeah. All hard work will definitely be paid off when you see beautiful foliage and blooms later :-D

  2. Hi James,
    Lovely Hibiscus, the variegated markings seem to be different every time. Also interested to hear you are growing bulbous plants, I saw Rain Lilies for the first time in Singapore and now grow them in pots so that I can winter them indoors. Amarylis I know grow well in your climate, but only for the indoors here.

  3. Dear James, I came across you via Barry Parker with whom I have a very regular exchange of ideas and views. Although dividing my time between London and Budapest, I am always fascinated to learn how people garden in different climates and countries.

    The variegated Hibiscus is most certainly interesting although I have to confess that I am not a greater lover of variegated plants. However, in this case I am able to see the attraction it has even when not in flower.

  4. I have never seen variegated hibiscus....and we have a lot of hibiscus growing here. It is definitely a different look that I am sure people here would just love :^)

  5. Love your variegated collection! You are very busy with the gardening lately. I guess the smell of the spring made every gardener's hands itchy :) I love sharing plants with my friends as well, also not shy to ask for cuttings or extra plants from my friends. This makes everybody's garden growing faster and most cost effective, and most of all sharing plants are lots of FUN!!!

  6. With your green thumb, experience and good heart in saving plants and giving them a new life in other people's homes, you should open a nursery soon, so that your gardening knowledge can benefit others. I have a variegated leave hibiscus too but the leaves are more green than white and flowers pale. I like the whiter shade of yours.

  7. Stephanie - I noticed that the mealy bugs seemed to be more fierce when they are in shade. Do give the plant some good sunlight after using the pesticide - that will eradicate 2X stronger.

    Barry - I thought Amaryllis could withstand wintering and bloom just like daffodils, narcisus - No?

    Edith - Welcome Edith and do share your point of view freely. I too was not the fan of varigated plants but I found out that they do well in my shaded garden and compensate for the colours they give me as I do not have enough sunlight for the flowering plants to bloom.

    Noelle - These varigated ones seemed to be popping everywhere now. They seemed to be more robust compared to the non-vars.

    Ami - I totally agree with you what you mention. Its really fun.

    Belle - Thanks for the complement. I would suggest put the var-hibiscus in full sun, they will only give you colour when they are in full-sun. Any shades and it would be all green.

  8. you've been busy!

    The leaves on that hibiscus look like they belong on a different plant. Interesting!


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