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Monday, February 8, 2010

Begonias - Pride of Garden

I never expected these begonias to make a beautiful scenery in my garden. Colours of burgundy & black. What I love are these cute little pink blooms - they are not so beautiful but they do make an pretty impression -Don't you think?

These Cane Begonia are very easy to handle, enough watering - shaded & that's it. All of them are soft wood & so the need attention time to time to see if the stump may be very matured and they may just "die standing."

I wouldn't say the same for the hanging pots. Black Velvet Begonias seemed to be doing well sometime ago but now they all are turning burnt lately. I had given this plant to few of my friends and family but just like some of my plants they didn't survive there.

I haven't got the flowers for this one yet, regardless I'm still mesmerised by the cluster of grapes like leaves.. they are just gorgeous together with the Cane Begonia.

Do you want to know why they call it Velvet Begonia?
Click Here to find out why.


  1. Your begonia has grown very big as compared to the little pot on the grown. The flowers are pretty and delicate. Your wife is so lucky! She has a hubby with a greent thumb who grows beautiful plants and flowers for her and the family. You even have blooming roses. Every day is Valentine's Day in your home.

  2. The blooms are so pretty. What a wonderful reward! I have not seen begonias that climb like yours. That's so cool! I like the rich dark colour leaves of both the begonias also. Have a great week James!

  3. Your begonias are lovely. These are also favorites of mine!

  4. I am always fascinated by begonias, they have such unattractive beginnings and look what they turn into! I love this black velvet one you showed, very nice!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, James.

    The comment you left for my daughter was very sweet.


  5. Hi James~~ It's always cool when a plant excels in both flower and foliage. I love begonias and yours are amazing. :)

  6. Belle - Now you have mentioned it, I realise now that they are indeed in a small pot and I do not have any extra's incase if this one dies. My wife is not so much of a garden person, she does however enjoy the moment when birds and butterflies visit my garden.

    Stephanie - Some Cane Begonias grow taller than this even without any support, I was admiring someone's garden when I notice a huge spotted green cane begonia. That's how I got this idea.

    Thanks Rosey, Floridagirl & Grace for your lovely comment.

  7. Very beautiful! I'm surprised to see the begonia growing so tall in a small pot. Lovely photos. love the contrast...the delicate pink of the blooms and the dark leaves.

  8. James, I'm envious again seeing your Begonias. My one plant is Begonia sutherlandii and right now it is dormant. Maybe this year I'll branch out and get some more Begonias in my collection.

  9. Such a delicate plant. Soft pink blooms with a little yellow to brighten it more. Ahhh ... what a beauty!

  10. Lovely begonia! I am also trying to "collect" different begonia myself. If you are my neighbour, I won't be shy to ask for a cutting. lol. Only I live in Florida... Nice blog, beautiful flowers and photos!

  11. Barry - Yes, I have seen your lovely begonia plant too. Hope it does branch out for many cuttings.

    Thank you Kanak & Ami for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. Hope to hear often from you.

    Blossom - If you can get them - do not hesitate to plant them in you garden as they are fairly easy.

  12. I have never seen a begonia grow like that! how cool.

  13. I've never seen begonias like this! I like how it's climbing out of the pot. A nice variation of the little bot bound begonias we see so often.

  14. Thank you Dirty Girl Gardening & Wendy for your lovely comment.


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