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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eulophia Ground Orchid - Eulophia Graminea

Found this in an abandon area in Jinjang, as you know (I had mentioned in my earlier post) the temporary longhouses are been dismantled in phases. I took this during my Deepavali visit in my in laws area. What a beautiful gift!

I was so excited when I noticed this plant growing here. It had a very good rooting system growing from a bag of clothes & took this plant together with those clothes. (somehow, it was in a getting rotten creating a perfect ecosystem for this orchid to survive)

I did some research and found a lot of interesting facts about it.

1) This orchid do not have a common name: The closest one can get is someone sells this orchid bulb in Ebay by the name: Terrestrial Ground Orchid - Eulophia Graminea

2) Its native around the South East Asia region but considered as an invasive plant, spreading fast in Pacific Islands, Australia & some parts of US. (Florida) People there are encouraged to pull it out when they see this one in their yard. (Not sure how true is this)

3) There is a lot information in the Orchid Forums about this plant but somehow there is a lot of things are still in the research & study stage.

4) This orchid may need some help in the rooting system, especially some mirofungus or something. If you do decide to keep this plant and found it growing by drain side or somewhere, do take it together with its soil composition, I had found it twice earlier - one growing on wood chips and another time on sandy area but was unable to take the plant as it was out of reach.
It was found that they thrive in mulching materials - many of this plant found growing in that medium.

5) One beautiful thing about this orchid is that it gives out leafless inflorescence with many pretty flowers. I'm still captivated by those tiny little flower bells standing tall in my garden.

6) There have been a mystery how these seedpod (fruit) occurs - whether they self seed or pollinated. The pollinator is now still remains a mystery.

" closer than this" and the flower is inside my camera lens.
That's difficult was for me to get this macro shot.

This plant is now 3 weeks old in my garden and doing fine. I was afraid that it may not survive in a new environment. It had recently shoot out a stalk for flowering. Glad I rescued this one before this plant gets killed or eaten.


  1. I am constantly amazed at the flowers that you just "find"....you're very lucky (and observant!)

  2. Wow! what a nice orchid you have rescued. I would have brought it home too. Though the flower colour is quite neutral but it does look special. I am sure it makes a good addition to your garden :-D

  3. Its amazing how you find such lovely flower in this abandoned place... Good thing you have rescued it!
    It will be fine now in you garden, that Im sure!

  4. I have a couple of ground orchids, both gifts from dear friends. I think mine must be a hybrid, if there is such a thing. The flowers on mine are a bit larger and more obvious than those you show.

    I love orchids and have to fight with myself so that I don't purchase every one that comes along. I got one as a gift, and very quickly had collected 21!

    So, I thinned them out and shared with my sister. She killed every one in short order. How do you kill an orchid?!!! I love her still, but I won't give her anymore of my orchids.

  5. James,
    You are such a good plant rescuer! Such a fantastic find! Is it really invasive? You will have to share about this.

  6. Hello James,

    What a beautiful, delicate flower. It is so interesting how it did so well growing in a pile of clothes.

  7. Great Find, James! and thanks for the research.

  8. Hello James,

    I wanted you to know that I finally got the post done following your very thoughtful Honest Scrap Award to me. I had no idea how long it would take, but must say enjoyed doing it. Thank you. Di

  9. Loved your story of the rescue of your orchid. Growing in old clothes. A crazy kind of compost. So glad it is growing well for you.

  10. Collecting & rescuing plants are very much satisfying & enthralling - thats what I want to share that experience with you all.
    Thanks Sue, Stephanie, Vrtlarica, Noelle & Scott for sharing that experience with me.

    Janie - look forward in viewing those orchids in your garden. I have heard about hybirds - they are more easier to take care compared to the native ones.

    Rosey - the invasion is that they seemed to thrive away from their native grounds, I guess the agricultural government are being very cautious as they do not want to have unwanted problems in the future.

    Di - Enjoyed to know a little more about you.

  11. Mary Delle - yes, its kind of crazy putting these clothes in my flower pot for compost for this plant. Didn't want to take chances in changing the medium, just let nature do her job.

  12. I found Eulophia graminea growing at the beach in South Florida. And by "at the beach" I mean you could look at the plant or look at the surfers.

    Regarding the plants-on-clothes theme. I've found that old polyester clothes may be used to transplant liverworts. Wrap stones with the old clothes, place them adjacent to the plant you are trying to collect. Come back a year later. And there it is. Take your old shirt back home, trim the excess and place the plant in your pond or stream.

  13. Thanks Micheal for your tips on planting liverworts. I guess there are a lot more about discovering planting styles.

  14. I am Edwin Koh, i would like to ask whether can i find a Eulophia orchid at any where?

    Beside that, I am looking for orchid plant for my Final Year Project's Topic.
    My supervisor also ask me to find:
    1. Arudina
    2. Paphiopedilum
    3. Spathoglottis
    4. Eulophia
    For all four above, need wild type, not the hybrid...
    5. Dendrobrium (Shavin White)
    6. Mokara

    I would like to ask whether any plant or orchid nursery sell any of the above? some of it is quite rare also...
    thanks for your help ya...

  15. Edwin - Where are you located?
    Dendrobium - are these dove orchid?

  16. I stay at pandan jaya. I dont think there is any orchid nursery around there, right?
    Dove orchid is one of the species for dendrobium, basically dendrobium is hybrid orchid.

  17. Edwin - I suggest if you could check out the KL Orchid Garden as they have a lined up nurseries there and all of the vendours are experts in the orchid field. I'm pretty sure you can get all your specimen there without any trouble.

  18. Wow! they are fabulous orchids I want them on my garden. Thank you so much for sharing this. Keep posting!


  19. Oh so colorful, bright and lovely. Very well done!

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  20. I know it's been years since anyone has posted here, but I just wanted to post an update since I found this orchid today at my local Walmart. Not for sale, but growing in the parking lot! I'm in south west Florida and I recognized this little plant as an orchid immediately and dug some up on my way out. Researching it brought me here, among other sites. It is considered an invasive here, but not highly invasive. We are just encouraged to dig it up if we see it in our yard. I dug it up at Walmart and brought it home, lol!

  21. Encontre dos en mi front yard, las amo!!!


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