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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Child of Wood


Pinocchio was not made from this, nor its a Marigold plant.
Rather is deceptive looking Wormwood which is so elusively
made its way in confusing me for identification.

Its young shoots look like this, later they tend to turn into a needle like pine, fennel looking plant.
I had planted it together with my variegated lucky bamboo placed in a shady area but it didn't do well and went leggy all over. I had trimmed it but had left few of its main branch in the soil.
These are the new sprouts from it.

I was asked about its taste.
When I pinched to taste it, the aroma of minty lemon fragrance filled my nose and it tasted very much like basil at first, very much later, I felt like its oil essence remained at my lower taste bud with its balmy bitterness.

It was nice but I would prefer the fragrance much better than its taste.


  1. I thought this is a coriander plant. It really look like one, seem to smell like one too but it isn't it?

  2. I don't see a picture, but I did see a picture posted the other day, and we do grow that artemesiz. Our wormwood, Southern wormwood, looks altogether different. I will see if I have some in the garden so I can take a picture to show.

  3. Pinocchio is a great connection here.
    This plant looks like parsley, I would have been very confused. I bet it smells wonderful.

  4. Artemisia? I once met a lady whose name was Artemisia. Of course I asked the origin of her name. Her sister said that when their sister was born, that lady her mother's employer asked to name her and the name was Artemisia. It rolls off the tongue well. The rest of the children had names like Rose and Lily.

  5. Wormwood is very bitter. But it's great to repel insects. I used it a mix of other herbs for this purpose.

  6. Hmm...wormwood is new to me. I thought it was a marigold!

  7. Belle - I can easily swallow down a coriander, this one I dare now but as for the scent - its tricky, Can't really describe the difference.

    Janie - look forward to see the Southern Wormwood. Do keep me posted.

    Rosey - I will certainly agree with you, One of the reasons to be very careful as some plants can look alike and may be poisonous

    NellJean - Never heard that name around my place, but sure interesting to have all the floral names in the family. If I have a daughter I would definitely call her: Jasmine

    Mary Delle - Insect repellent is great, but Im guessing its just for few hours?

    Jackie - So did I.

    Thanks all, for your lovely thoughts & comments.

  8. What a nice little plant! I also like the way you match this dainty plant with bigger foliage plant, the lucky bamboo. I like plants which look nice and useful as well :-)

  9. Stephanie - earlier it was all wormwood, then I got few of these lucky bamboo rescued but have no extra pots and they shared together, then later, the wormwood didn't look good and they were all pruned and this is the latest look.

  10. I think they call it ulam raja, the king of ulam it is. Good for health ... Am I right?

  11. Blossom - Im sorry but this one is not ulam raja, Ulam Raja is Cosmos.


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