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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ivy Gourd - Coccinia grandis

I found this very attractive looking fruit hanging by the roadside.
I took some pictures and it looks like a miniature cucumbers.
They certainly look red when ripen.

I guess its red to attract birds to feed on them for the seed propogation.

It has a white flower and maple leaf like shape for the leaves.
A closer look at the red coloured fruits.

I took it back and cut it and found that even the green fruits
have red insides..
I guess these are not those miniature cucumbers which I thought it was.
But more from the gourd family.
I really have no idea what it is, I had searched and got tired searching from googles but have no clue exactly what is this specied or its common name.
Anyone have any idea whats it called?
Appreciate greatly if you can help me finding its name.
Someone had put a comment for me concerning this name: Ivy Gourd.
Very interesting indeed when I check the details thru googles.


  1. This plant should be ivy gourd (Coccinia grandis). http://www.natureloveyou.sg/Coccinia%20grandis/Main.html

  2. thanks for the information. I will update this information.

  3. very interesting.. never seen this one before.


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