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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spanish Moss - Tillandsia Usneoides

This is my humble beginning of my spanish moss.

They grew slowly over the years..

Finally it came to a satisfying length...

Notes from Wikipedia:
Spanish Moss is not biologically related to either mosses or lichens. Instead, it is a flowering plant in the family Bromeliaceae (the bromeliads) that grows hanging from tree branches in full sun or partial shade.
I didn't know that they have flowers. Well, it would a wonderful thing when one day they flower and that I may able to take their pictures..

As for now, I have to be content with these long beautiful hairy plant. There was once a strong wind followed by a heavy rain and this spanish moss danced and moved..

And that is certainly a very eerie feeling to have an imagination that time to see this spanish moss looking like a vampire's hair..
(ghost like movements)

Well I guess, gardeners like me can still throw away those thoughts and live with nature and call it beautiful things matters, no matter what.


Need to watch out for the dried ones.
They fall out in clumps and its sad to see them that way..
Happens during the very hot dry days..
especially when it doesn't rain more than 3 days.


  1. Well done ...am off to check my ailing spanish moss Thank you for the tips

  2. Looks bloody amazing!

  3. I have grown this moss for a few years but their growth is very slow.
    I will relocate them and follow your pointers on how to care for them.
    Hopefully they will multiply like yours in time to come.


  4. I really appreciate all the information you have provided regarding Spanish Moss. I found an Air Plant grower only a few hours from me that sent me some beautiful specimens and I'm very excited to have this wonderful plant in my apartment. Peace & Happy New Year!

  5. Hello! What a beautiful garden! I can understand the peacefulness you find there. I'm working on a SECRET GARDEN with different kinds of 'real' moss for the floor. I live in North Carolina and while visiting at the ocean, I grabbed some Spanish Moss hanging from trees in the parking lot and brought it home last summer. It survived the winter here (average low is 30 degrees F) I thought it had died and only recently did I start watering it again when I would go out and water the 'regular' moss daily.The Spanish moss I'd hit with a full stream from the garden hose, getting it really wet (The rain water I had collected had run out by then) Recently, I have noticed, especially when wet, new green shoots growing out from the main strand, while the rest of the strand is black. When the Spanish moss is dry, the black strands are grey and the green shoots are a light green.

    My question is if I should cut off the green parts and tie them together as you mentioned in an earlier post or leave them as is?

    When I first brought the moss home, I separated the strands by length and using sewing thread, tied them in small bundles to hang vertically on a tree. It took a long time to sort through the moss, yet when I was finished it was beautiful!

    In another part of the yard I hope to start a bog garden and I could possibly try hanging the moss over the bog - humidity would be higher, hopefully helping the moss to grow.

    Thank you in advance! Cathy in North Carolina

    1. Yes - can cut and reset the green ones
      It will look more healthy and will grow more vigorous ones it's regenerated.

      And tie them up like what you did is also very good.


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