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Monday, May 18, 2009

Frangipani - Plumeria

This is Frangipani (Plumeria)
I wish I have this in my garden,
but the tree is slow growing and may take a big space.
I guess I just have be content in admiring them in the parks & streets.
I may plan to plant them just a branch in a medium size pot,
its the cluster of flowers that Im after, so Im not sure whether that will evident if I get to plant them in a small scale tree.
Im also concerned about my neighbours who may have strong religious beliefs,
stating that these trees habour ghost & spirits which may bring disturbance and uneasiness.
However, I reckon that it may be the white frangipani which carries such weight compared to the colourful ones..
I consider them modern & contemporary where they are used for decoration in spa & health centres.

I had taken these picture near a park,
its very breath taking to see a low height tree with many blooms.
Most of the trees I come across are high and considered very matured.
I have yet to smell the fragrance on the roadside,
probably its must be optimum towards the night.
Hopefully have a row of them planted one day and have tea to enjoy them on day!!!

This is from a different tree..
It has more of a orange colour than the pink ones above.
I may add more information later when I find interesting fact on this tree.
(took me almost a day to upload these pictures)

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