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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Elephant Ear Valley - Part 2

Finally I got a better pictures this time visiting the Elephant Ear Valley.
These are the flowers (better zoom for good viewing) from my camera.

I noticed new blooms today
compared to the ones yesterday which I found none.

I stepping inside (there was a railing around this perimeter) and found the ground is soft and slipping. I took few quick ones and dashed out. Don't want to feel helpless drowned in this sea of alocasia.. probably its a swamp inside & I certainly don't want to get myself dirty or wet.
These are the close shots where the dumb canes are found
The whole place is dumbcane sharing in the sea of alocasia.

More alocasia..this part is totally conquered by them.
This is the top part of the valley

This is the outside rim from the road where the whole slope contained all the alocasia & dumbcane. This is what I call the Elephant Ears Valley.

From the top, by the streetside you can't notice much until you go down.
I felt uncomfortable while snapping these pictures when I noticed someone was watching me.
Probably he thought I was from the press or some dept. during article or survey.
I guess that was the reason so few a pictures were taken.
And also on my way back to take all the sliced/cut ivy which I found on the streetside
(before they wither under the hot climate)

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